ربى أبو بكر

 I believed that English language is not a dreadful thing to learn and the most bothering thing was when the teacher used to concentrate on grammar without applying it authentically. Once I retreat with my memory back i curiously wonder about reasons for being deprived of reading even only one short story or novel during the whole of my school life. I am sure that we would not protest or being opponents if they invoked us to read about something we are involved in , and an integral part of our concerns . They were totally ignored how reading is useful, we have been kept reading the passage set forth in the action back .They did not even bother replying to our questions arguing that they need to finish the unit . They just kept using artificial methods of learning, giving instructions, and throwing up information in classroom. These things made me out blood boiling .They were not allowing us to grow naturally.
Now, I'm an English teacher as I'm giving an intensive course of English Language by which I'm obsessed with its idioms, expressions, phrases, clauses...etc 
In other words I'm absorbing the beauty with every single moment I've got new knowledge every now and then!! 
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With All Due Respect 
Ruba Abu-Baker