To whom it will concern:


With all due respect, it’s an honor to contact your organization and thank you for giving me your time. My name is Sukoot Alsarama and I work in an organization in Jordan, Amman. This organization is called The Awael, and our website is, it’s a non-profit organization. Our website Al Awael was developed in 2013, it provides educational videos, exams, and educational files to support students. We allow students and teachers to interact with each other by social networking, and we motivate students to learn, by giving them the opportunity to learn as much as they can. We also provide our videos on youtube,

Our generation is expanding and everyday our goal is to make a difference in education, we work hard to put a smile on those wonderful faces who are facing obstacles in their daily lives, not able to afford their education. This website helps students from first grade to twelfth grade, who are willing to succeed and change their futures. Especially refugees, we intend to help them and make a difference in their lives. Connecting with bright students has been a wonderful experience, and noticing how much it means for them to actually receive help, and teaching them not to lose hope because their future is waiting for them.

Our organization is dedicated to process helpful teaching methods to make education an easier and helpful way. While searching through many organizations, I have searched your website and I became interested in how your support to cultural projects. Which has aimed many targets like strengthen the political-, social-, or cultural dialogue and support projects, that contribute to the sustainable development goal.  Our organization is seeking for support due to the expenses that we hold in our companyit’s a non-profit organization, it would be a pleasure to receive any helpful information that will support my non-profit organization. Please help me spread more smiles on those innocent faces.

I appreciate your time and thank you for your convenience, you have no idea how much this will mean to many students. I’m eager to receive any helpful information from you.


Your Sincerely,


Sukoot Alsarama