We must respect our teachers. Teachers play a vital role in our lives as students. After our parents it’s our teachers who shape our lives by educating us and inculcating good moral values in us.

Teachers are agents of change. They counsel their students and help them to choose their careers that best suit their interest.

Teachers can make a good difference among successful students & unsuccessful one; among those who loves to read & write & one who doesn’t.

A good teacher can convert a dull student into a brilliant one. Its teachers who are given credit by the parents when their children passes exam with distinction marks. In spite of such a meaningful role of teachers, some students insult them, curse them, throw tantrums or even attack them when they punishes them for wrong doings.

Now day’s students fail to understand the importance of a teacher. Teachers are like parents and must be given the same respect as we give to our parents. Instead students give them all kinds of names to humiliate them. Teachers are not given the respect that they deserve in our society. A teacher is solely responsible if a child and scores good percentage in school.

Students must understand that if they teachers punish them it’s for their own personal growth not the teacher’s growth. Stop treating your teachers as your enemies. You must learn to respect your teachers & make them your friends.

Ways to show respect towards your teachers:

I. Pay attention towards what is taught in the class room.

II. Don’t talk with your partners in between the lectures.

III. Don’t talk in between while the teacher is talking to you or anybody else in the class room.

IV. Do your homework regularly on time.

V. Be punctual to attend the lectures.

VI. Don’t sleep in the class room.

VII. Don’t talk bad things behind the back of your teacher.

VIII. Follow the instructions carefully and attentively.

IX. Help your teachers when asked or needed.

X. Work diligently.

XI. Cooperate with your teachers.

XII. Accept challenges willingly.

XIII. Perform well in exam and make your teachers proud because teachers work hard to teach you.

XIV. Pass a smile and greet your teachers well while they enters the class room as it can really make them feel good to see their student smiling & not unhappy to see them inside the class room.

At situations even parents tend to bash teachers when they child fail to secure good scores in exams instead of praising them. They think that teachers don’t work hard to reach their standards. They must understand that it’s really challenging for teachers to reach each and every child.

It takes a lot of efforts to prepare lessons, check home works, conduct extra sessions and correct exam papers. Teachers always try their best to produce happy, intelligent and healthy human beings.