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How to form: I, you, we, they have + 3rd form

He, she, it has + 3rd form

I've been, we’ve studied

He's worked, she’s found     

Negation: I, you, we, they have not (haven't) + 3rd form

He, she, it has not (hasn't) + 3rd form

?Question: Have you already done your homework

Have/Has - subject - verb

?How long have you been there

Question word - have/has - subject -verb


We use the present perfect to show that something has continued up to the present •     

نستخدم المضارع التام للتحدث عن شيء حدث في الزمن الماضي واستمر للحاضر وقد يستمر للمستقبل


She has lived in Liverpool all her life


. or is important in the present... •      

او قد يستخدم للتعبير عن شيء مهم قد حث في الحاضر


.I’ve lost my keys. I can’t get into the house

.Leena isn’t at home. I think she has gone shopping

.Key words: alreadyjustyeteverneverso farup to nownot yetlately, recently •