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  • الاردن
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- الرؤيا -
Our Vision Is To Educate Our Students To Be Intellectual, Creative, And Well-Prepared Leaders For The Global Environment Of The 21st Century.
- الرسالة -
Our Mission Is To Install Knowledge In All Of Our Students And The Necessary Skills To Thrive As Life-Long Learners And Responsible Citizens. IIS Students Will Grow To Be Confident, Cooperative And Prepared To Meet The Challenges Of The Future; They Will Work Together As One To Be Able To Shape A Better Future, Loving Community And Well-Raised Generations Through Participation And Mutual Responsibility. Our Mission Principles: To Develop Self-Esteem And A Sense Of Self-Worth In Our Students. To Provide Our Students With Diverse Opportunities To Develop Their Academic, Moral, Social, Creative, Athletic, And Technologic Excellence. To Provide Our Faculty With Varied Opportunities For Continued Professional Growth To Ensure The Highest Possible Quality Of Instruction. To Develop A Sense Of Unity And Respect Among Students, Faculty, And Parents. To Develop Students Who Are Aware Of The Greater Community And Feel A Responsibility To Make Contributions To Society
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